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. we do not have a monarch. the first lady -- they can about michelle obama -- she has been on more than kim kardashian. mrs. obama is iconic figure. all of these first ladies are. they rank in the top 10 most admired women in the world. usually number one or number two. ms. roosevelt goes out and embraces marian anderson. she was going to perform an operatic performance. the daughters of the american revolution found out that she was african-american and did not want her to perform. eleanor roosevelt goes onto to the fields and teske -- in tuskeegee and championed their cause. mary todd lincoln collected food and clothing for slaves to move to the capital city. betty ford did more to promote breast cancer screening among women than anything before or since simply by her being the first lady. i cannot imagine have thousands of women -- there are letters from thousands of women who went out and got screened because of betty ford going public. there is a social influence that goes into the office we cannot measure as easily. >> is it too easy to dismiss, quite rightly, to condescend t
. obama, i cannot work with him so i will do it this way. nobody seems to object. the only people punished where the -- >> i am going to make you get to a question. >> my point is let's not talk three years to the next president. what are we going to do in the next 12 months to correct the course? are you going to go on his show and talk about his book? >> right now, i am out of favor with the lavigne show because i do not think it is a smart strategy to shut down the government to defend obamacare. our economy is so precarious right now. shutting down the government will not stop obamacare. it will continue to roll out. we are limited. a couple of points i would make. republicans control the house of representatives. that is 1/6 of the total government. we do not control the presidency, we do not control the senate. the second point i would make is when they do those things, as a u.s. senator, i do not have standing in a court of law i have letters out right now chastising a justice department asking why they have not cooperated with the government accountability office. by law, they have
. it was not an overwhelming kingdom or nothing like that, it is just the disrespect of the presidency, as president obama has suffered with respect and decency. nixon had it, even though he was a vital person in some eyes. i am asking you to comment on two points. one, that affirmative action presentation came from richard nixon, a republican. two, i wonder if you can comment on the actual economic price freezes that nixon instituted during his term. today we have presidents who lack the guts to perform as he did. i think thin if you could please comment on the fact that republicans today reject affirmative action and economic price freezes and the fact that the presidency has lost the respect of the congressional connection. host: not quite about the film but the presidency as he sees it. guest: i will do my best. i will not claim to be a policy expert, but i think a lot of people feel the way you do. i know not chomsky preferred to the last liberal president. i think it is a fair point. you say you are a republican during the nixon administration. i think that is true of a lot of people. one thing we inter
edith roosevelt to michelle obama. >> c-span, we bring public affairs from washington directly to you. putting you in the room at congressional hearings, conferences, hearings, and complete gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house. we are c-span, created by the cable industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. and you can watch us in the hd. Ï»¿>> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell was at a picnic in fancy farm, kentucky. the annual event draws political speak to local residents. speakers included the minority leader and the candidates challenging him in 2014 including matt bevin and alison grimes and ed marksberry. it is courtesy of kentucky educational television. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. >> we want mitch. we want mitch. >> i want to thank you for another fancy farm. you are well represented. obviously, congressman ed whitfield. agricultureoner of is here with us. we appreciate it all. look. before i get started, i want to say how nice it is to see jerry lundergan back in the game. like the loyal democrat he is, he is taki
jerry lundergan back in the game. like the loyal democrat he is, he is taking orders from the obama campaign on how to run his daughter's campaign. they told him to make a pitch on the internet for the women's vote and he sent a check from anthony weiner. [booing] over the next 15 months, we are going to decide what kind of america we want to have. what kind of kentucky we want to have. there are only two answers to this question. barack obama's vision for america. or kentucky's. the obama crowd does not like it. kentucky's voice is often the voice of opposition to the obama agenda. i am proud of that. that is why every liberal in america, every liberal in america is out to beat us next year. you know, the liberals are worried because it just as i predicted, obamacare is a disaster for america. [applause] i fought them every step of the way, every step of the government takeover. and we stand up to their war on coal. look, as long as i am in the senate, kentucky will have a voice. [applause] all of these liberals, come down here to push me around, they are not going to get away with
>> here's a look look at our schedule on c-span. insident obama takes place the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. the more about the watchmen the civil rights movement with rights previous -- reince priebus. it has been 50 years since the march on washington where martin luther king gave his "i have a dream" speech. now the commemoration cement -- ceremony with remarks from president obama, jimmy carter, and bill clinton. they spoke from the steps of the memorial. it is 4.5 hours. like sows everybody doing out there? it is a privilege to welcome you to a celebration and commemoration. on this day 50 years ago hundreds of thousands of people came together to be part of a call to action. it would defy not just the civil rights movement but it reminds us of who we are as americans. >> what is the dream? was delivered right here. imagine what it was like to be here 50 years ago. hundreds of thousands of people came together to be part of a call to action.there were rumors that coming here would be dangerous. there were fears that nobody would show up. in the end, it was a
, president obama has the data some folks -- cast igated some folks is that they did not build their business on their own. i was backstage and i watched one after another of people of comeaces and men and women forward, business people and talk about how they built their business. seized one time did we talking abouty working for the man or woman who built the business and how that helped them and their families. we need to be able to communicate to the folks that hold the jobs and tell them and put a platform together that focuses on them. -- andrybody in america money is everything to them. a lot of folks want to spend time with their families. work and community groups. spend time at their church. we as republicans believe that is a good inc.. we do not talk about it. and we do not talk to them. -- that is a good thing. it is to take a page out of our book and start putting forth an upnda of ideas to raise folks who want to vote for us. you side and the last election. they do not want to vote for president obama. but at least he went and talked to them and about them. we did not do that.
is a registered democrat and i have the obama side -- i have the obama sign in my yard. am an american. vote for thee to person i wanted to in this election because oklahoma's voting rules are so harsh. think most of the stuff we do at the local level seems to be doing ok. the idea is if we started as a state painting our federal taxes and let the state decide when they will pay the federal government and have it done that way? i've said ais -- lot of things and i don't expect you to listen to all of them. maybe question -- i don't think 1970 thederstand since fed is creating currency out of nothing but fed and -- thin air. decide to quit taking american dollars, and it looks like that process has started, there is nothing the federal government is going to be able to do about it. what you you think of that, sir? >> let me answer some of your the questions and then i will get to the fed question because i think that is one of the big debates that will be going on. on your point about keeping everything local, i actually agree. we have a great government here. moresponded well to the disaster
negotiations in washington between the israelis and palestinians, that's diplomacy. and when president obama and russian president vladimir putin and the chinese president meet in st. petersburg, as i think they will in a couple of weeks to talk about economic global problems, well, that, too, is diplomacy. and when president bush and president obama negotiated one by one free trade agreements between the united states and colombia and panama, that's economic diplomacy. when nations meet to fight climate change and try to eradicate trafficking of women and children and try to fight global drug and crime cartels, that's multi-lateral diplomacy. and when we move tons -- hundreds and thousands of tons of food aid to poor country where people are starving, like north korea, that's humanitarian diplomacy. so diplomacy encompasses those thousands of actions taken each day by governments like ours, by international organizations like the u.n., by nonprofit organizations like the gates foundation, to connect, connect countries, connect regions, connect towns around the world, connect, most important
is planned and president obama will be here. we'll have live coverage on c-span and c-span radio of that appearance. if you missed any of the rally that just ended we'll show you ighlights from that rally. >> for those of us who are from the south, 50 years ago we received our marching orders hen the prophet dr. king jr. quoted the prophet isiah, that have a dream. this is our hope. this is the faith that we go back to the south with. those are our marching orders. this is the faith that we go back to the south with. yes, the south where some are still trying to fight the civil war. yes, the south. where we are witnessing this vicious attack on voting rights and the blatant voter suppression by one particular political party. es, the south where young boys can't walk the street of his father's neighborhood without eing profiled, confronted, stalked, and finally murdered. watched over 45 days where governor because of the relentless protests of 20 plus,000 people reluctantly appointed a reluctant prosecutor who reluctantly put together a prosecuting team who did a poor job in pres
in the capital. read the book and engage. quacks shortly before 2:00, president obama came to the rose garden of companies by vice president joe biden. we will show these to you now. >> good afternoon. 10 days ago the world watched in horror as men, women and children were massacred in syria in the worst chemical attack in the 21st century. thatrday they presented the syrian government was responsible for this attack on its own people. it shows them preparing to use chemical weapons, launching rockets in the highly populated suburbs of damascus, and acknowledging that a chemical weapons attack took place. all of this corporate's what the world can plainly see. hospitals overflowing with victims. terrible images of the dead. all told, well over 1000 people were murdered. several hundred of them were children. young girls and boys gassed to death by their own government. this attack is an assault on human community. it also presents a serious danger to our national security. it risks making a mockery of the global role vision on the use of chemical weapons. it endangers our friends and our part
obama's call to give the middle class a better bargain. we can ensure that the rungs on the the -- ladder of opportunity are not so far apart. this is the challenge of our regeneration and we must work lines,r across political across state, federal, local lines to address it. as secretary of transportation, my priority is to make our transportation system the safest and most efficient in the world. we will continue to work hard so that americans feel safe when they get into a car, get on a bus, board a plane or get on a bicycle. we will be working with our partners to get more from what we have so that taxpayers can trust us to make smart investments. efficiency enough is not going to get us to prosperity. over the long term, we have got to be more creative. .e have got to work together as you know, we have a lot of options in our toolbox and even more options we need to put on the table. we have seen how public-private partnerships can kickstart important projects, such as the ork district in minnesota. inre has been $48 billion infrastructure investment across ameri
, they were advertising way before obama started this -- well, we only make 10% profit. yes, but you write off another 10% for advertising and another 10% you paid politicians. all of that money, including the people i ask in foreign countries -- why are you paying for healthcare on your car? host: gregory, hold on a second. stay on the line in case our panelists have follow-up questions. jay hancock, his expense as an-- experience as an employer looking for health insurance plans to injure -- insure his work force and what he's talking about? guest: gregory, you expressed the frustration that a lot of employers and consumers have with the system. it is expensive, as we mentioned earlier. i suspect that you and the four of us here could sit down and design much better healthcare systems than the u.s. has now. but as we said before, we work with the system that we have. there is still a group out there, not very influential, that would like to replicate the system, something like france and -- like switzerland, where they have private insurance companies but they are all nonprofits. that is not
an obama supporter -- they did not want to re-litigate the clinton years. that caused them to support barack obama instead of hillary clinton. how does she address the fact that she has a record to defend and she has to defend her husband's record as well? >> i think her job as secretary of state has solidified her standing as a candidate that happens to be married to a guy who used to be president. it is not that his presidency would in any way to find her presidency. i think it is important to remember that we had two candidates for president in 20 in 2008 that were amazing. these were historic candidates that made all of us that are democrats so proud of our party. it made us so proud of our country because the twos amazing candidates are running. i said to my friends who were disappointed in me when i supported barack obama -- i did not say i was going for a good old boy. this was an extraordinarily difficult decision. it was a difficult one for me and i think in many ways it is a difficult thing for our party. the good news is now we get to make history twice. we get to make hist
into the world of budget cutting. in the berlin speech, president obama announced about a month ago the next big step he envisioned, which was bringing the american arsenal down to just above 1000 nuclear weapons. but he added to that that it could only be done in concert with the russians and getting similar cuts. almost the next day, we heard president putin reject this approach. from your study of this, what would be the risk of doing this unilaterally? if you are not going to get russian agreement to this, would the united states be significantly less safe with merely 1000 weapons against the current russian arsenal? how do you deal with the russian concern of the hour non-nuclear weapons would increase in precision? >> a good question. several things. you are right. the president did say we are prepared to make further reductions below the new level in our nuclear arsenal, but he had the intention of seeking them in parallel or in tandem with russia. you are right. putin said what he said, namely that the russians have some concerns that would need to be addressed in the course of the negot
. they didn't ask for president obama to create a commission. they said, give us more of your time. if we would invest more of our time with these young people, we could stop this violence. [applause] number one. the second thought that i had is how do we -- this is a national movement. it's not just a -- it's -- chicago is just the epicenter of it. it really is going across some of these -- i don't know where these tv cameras are, but some people in philadelphia are going to see and hear about this, read about this and some people in oakland, california going to hear and read about this. and they're going to wander, well, what are they doing in chicago? how is chicago working this situation out? one thing that i don't think we take a lot of time and effort -- we've got 30 days before the national march on washington -- the date that it took place, august 28. we have one month. today is the 27th? so we have one month. >> 26th? >> 26th. okay, two days, all right. why, if you and i can agree on this, why are we working over the next 30 days, e-mailing, texting, sending facebook communicatin
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16